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School Rules

  • All students must carry the school Almanac to school on all working days.
  • Students must arrive at school, ten minutes before the school starts.
  • Lending or borrowing money or belongings is not permitted.
  • The name, class and section of the pupil should be clearly marked on all belongings of the students.
  • Girls must not wear any valuables or ornaments of diamond, gold etc.
  • Girls must not apply mehandi or nail polish during term time.
  • Wearing of wrist watch is permitted from class VI onwards only.
  • Students must regularly trim their nails.
  • Any student absenting himself or herself from school must bring a letter giving reasons for their absence from his/her parents or guardian.
  • No paper is to be let lying around in the campus.
  • Students are expected to take good care of the compound and school property. Any loss due to carelessness of the students will result in fines.
  • Students must wear washed and ironed uniform daily.
  • Students must polish their shoes daily.
  • No audio equipments, cellular phone, books, periodicals or newspaper of an objectionable nature- shall be brought to the school.
  • Students must polish their shoes daily.
  • Students must keep strict silence during assembly prayers, in the class and in the corridors of the school.

Rules of School Transportation


  • Utilize your morning hours at the bus stop in some productive task.
  • Until the bus halts at the stop, keep distance from the bus.
  • Do board the school bus quietly and in disciplined manner
  • Do halt the bus immediately if you feel like giddiness or vomiting in order to avoid inconvenience to other bus boarders.
  • Do obey the instructions of the driver for your own benefit
  • Do keep an eye on the driver's driving habits & inform the school authority for his wreckless driving & attitude.
  • DONT's

  • Do not damage or sabotage any accessory of the bus.
  • Do not extend or protrude any of your body part out of the window or through any opening of the bus.
  • Do not hoot, shout, shriek, mock, spit or like at the passers-by.
  • Do not create any kind of unhealthy environment like bursting laughter’s, indulging in loud and tall talks etc. to divert driver’s attention.
  • Do not board the bus if you feel like giddiness, vomiting or nausea.
  • Do not insist the driver to halt the bus anywhere in-between; for your own petty purchasing.
  • Do not get down or step down of the bus when the bus is in the motion.
  • Do not keep the school bus waiting at the picking up hours, in the morning.
  • Do not create a stampede – like scene inside the bus.
  • Seat occupancies are expected to give priority regarding seat to their teachers and tiny tots.

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