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School Aim

School aims at producing a ‘normal man’ for the future society of our country. We do not believe in producing Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians and other religious men and women who can do anything for their false pride of religion but do not live for it. We believe that the country needs a citizen who is above caste, creed and color. We aim at creating the world culture for tomorrow’s people. The aim of school is to give its students, irrespective of community and creed, education of body, mind and spirit and help them to develop their full personality in preparation of taking a useful, effective and purposeful place in society.

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Ring Road, Avas Vikas
P.O. Box: Rudrapur Distt: Udham Singh Nagar
Rudrapur | Distt: Udham Singh Nagar
Pincode: 263153
Uttarakhand , India

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